An image of Soda Mountain.Why Soda Mountain? Don’t you mean Soda Creek? Where exactly is Soda Mountain? Why did you name your company after a mountain? 

When a place truly transforms your life, you have been given a timeless gift….

For Mara and I, some of the earliest memories together began up on Buffalo Pass, northwest of Mt. Werner in the Park Range Mountain Chain. The frequent journey and its rituals to get there and back safely started to become a part of us. These mountains provided countless days of skiing, riding, and snowmobiling. Some of our most memorable days were those we were lucky enough to make it all the way out to Soda Mountain. For years we shared big laughs, day long adventures, huge arguments, broken bones, and a few close calls with each other and some of our craziest friends. 

And just when we thought nothing would ever change, the day came when everything did. We lost our friend Mike “Gebby” Gebhardt in an avalanche on Soda Mountain on January 3, 2005.

As a community, our hearts were broken. We were young and invincible. We knew the mountain and its terrain, we respected it and so we felt betrayed. So many felt Mike’s loss in different ways but his smile, his passion and his know-how were missed by all. He was one of the best skiers we knew; none if it made any sense.

As the next year unfolded Soda Mountain became even more of a sacred place for us; a beloved space to be with our friend and continue on as he would. And so we loved it more.

In 2006 we filed our Articles of Organization and named our business Soda Mountain Carpentry. It was an easy pick. Six months later we were engaged and married that Fall.

The mountain and the journey still means so much to both of us. Everything in our life has changed since then, but up there everything remains very much the same. It will forever be where we go to remember how we met, how we grew up together, where we laugh about our younger days and remember all of our craziest friends. And it’s where we continue to celebrate our friend’s spirit still grinning ear to ear with his contagious passion for life, laughing like a lunatic 💕

Soda Mountain provides endless recreational opportunities for the backcountry enthusiast. Sitting at 10,804 ft in elevation the mountain consistently receives over 400″ of snow a year. If you choose to make the journey, be prepared for any and all conditions. Travel safely, carry gear for all weather and hazards, including avalanche rescue equipment, know how to use it and be prepared to spend the night as weather can change instantly in all seasons.