Whether you’re looking to start building your first home or settle down and retire in Steamboat Springs, you deserve to work with the best custom construction and architectural design company in the area. If you’ve never worked with a custom construction and design company, there are some things that are different. In this blog post, we are going to be discussing the Soda Mountain Construction and Design process and what you can expect when you work with us. Keep reading to learn more and connect with us today to get your home building process started. 


Complete Customization

Say goodbye to cookie cutter and basic home designs, and say hello to a home that is completely customized and designed to fit your specific needs and wants. At Soda Mountain, we are here to turn your dreams into a reality and no project is too big or small. We give you complete customization when it comes to your project. From the initial architectural design and construction, to the final interior design elements, every detail matters to us. Custom construction is an investment, but it is something that will continue to give back no matter the situation.


A Small But Mighty Team

Our team may be small, but it’s small for a reason. Here at Soda Mountain, we’ve handpicked every single one of our team members and have ensured that they are the best of the best. You’ve trusted us with the design and construction of your new dream home and we’ve selected experienced individuals that we know will bring those dreams together. Not only do the people on our team have large years of experience and various certifications, but they have a true passion for this. This passion is something that shines through and can easily be seen in the overall finish of our homes. Our team works day in and day out to make sure that everything you wanted and needed for your home is completed with the highest standards. 


The Best Connections 

Just like we mentioned earlier, your satisfaction is important to us. This is why we give you access to the best connections in the home construction and architectural design industry. Travis Mathey, our architectural designer, is truly one of the best people in the industry. Not only does he hold Masters of Architecture, but he also holds a Bachelors of Environmental Design. He’s spent countless hours working in various cities across Colorado and understands the best design practices for homes specific to Steamboat Springs. “I love to push the boundaries and create new ideas with every client. Each person I work with has a unique vision and an original story to tell. I value the relationship I build with the homeowner and I’m always honored to help translate their ideas into reality. That’s what produces authentic results. Listening has become one of my most valuable tools through the design process. It’s not about my vision; it’s about bringing someone else’s to life.” – Travis Mathey


A Unique One-Of-A-Kind Home

There’s nothing that can compare to a home constructed and designed by Soda Mountain. Every single one of our custom projects is unique in look, design, and specifically made for each individual that resides there. From the exterior architectural design to the interior design and placement of furniture, your home is customized for you and your family. 


The Luxury of Steamboat Springs

Of course, a luxury and custom designed home is incredible, but you also get all of the benefits of living in Steamboat Springs. Mountain homes can require different things and all of our team members have worked together in this beautiful city for years. We have the experience and knowledge that you need to create a home that is just as functional as it is beautiful. We’re BBB Accredited, family owned, received countless recognitions, and a Top Rated Local company. When you work with us, you can be sure that you’re getting the best of the best. Get started on your dream home today by connecting directly with our team. We can’t wait for you to experience the true difference of custom home design and construction.